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At OFHUH, we always try to provide our valued customers with the best products which are at the top level of quality, because it is the way to bring customers back to us. Therefore, each product that we are selling has experienced a long period of researching and developing before reaching out to our customers.


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Premium Quality

Manufactured using the best materials, our product ensures to bring you satisfaction.

Ready to Use

Just put it on your pet’s neck, and the collar will take effect immediately.

100% Natural Ingridients

We only use safe and natural ingredients to make the collar work. That way, the pets’ well-being will be ensured.


Not just leading the technology market, our products also innovate other companies. We constantly improve our products’ quality to meet the customers’ expectation.

Secret Ingridients

Secret ingredients are used to prevent fleas and bugs from approaching your pets. Please be noted that the ingredients are 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

Suitable for Animals

We make sure that the product is easy to use for your pets.

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OFHUH Flea Collar for Cats – One Size Fits All – Flea and Tick Prevention Up to 8 Months – Waterproof Collar – Safe & Eco-Friendly – Hypoallergenic with 100% Natural Ingredients [Upgrade Version]

$24.00 $21.00
    Try Ofhuh flea collar for cats and experience the difference it makes in the lives of you and your cat. This collar provides up to 8 months of protection against fleas and ticks with new 100% natural formula, a non-toxic essential oil that repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. That is an easy and convenient collar, fewer chances to forget and a better experience for you and your cat, all taken care of with just this collar.

    Ofhuh flea collar for cats lasts for 8 months, compared to other products which must be given every month. That makes Ofhuh flea collar for cats a cost-effective option for keeping your cat protected. But now, you can save even more.

    The length of the collar is 13.5 inches, it is great for adult cats and kittens from 8 weeks old. It will fit comfortably on your cat. Simply place tick repellent collar around the pet’s neck, adjust to fit and buckle in the suitable place. The collar must be worn loosely. Cut off and dispose of the excess length.

    After application, Ofhuh flea collar for cats will protect your cat immediately, you can forget about fleas and ticks. This collar also prevents the painful flea bites and ticks that may transmit diseases to your cat. It’s long-lasting and effective use, along with the super quality waterproof capabilities, assures continuous and great performance.

    It is important to us that you have a great experience with Ofhuh. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our product, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Ofhuh flea collar for cats protective flea and tick collar is backed by a money-back guarantee.


OFHUH Dog Flea and Tick Collar – Tick Prevention Treatment Up to 8-Month – Adjustable and Waterproof Dog Flea and Tick Control with 100% Natural Essential Oil [Upgrade Version]

$24.00 $21.00

100% SAFE FOR YOUR DOG: With the composition of natural oils including Eucalyptus and Citronella oil, Ofhuh dog flea and tick collar do no harm to the health of your dog. Non-chemical composition cause no harm, no irritation to your dog and causes low concentration to your dog. No bad odor to the surrounding environment.

SAFETY DIFFERENCE: Masterfully designed to provide comfort, security and protect your dog from fleas. This is a versatile repellent that protects your dog from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Ofhuh dog flea and tick collar is vet recommended, so you can give your dog this collar with confidence. Stop spending time and money on monthly treatment.

KILLS FLEAS AND TICKS EFFECTIVE: It is an effective medicine for flea and tick control ensuring 24/7 protection for a continuous 8 months. The active ingredients will function best during this time. After that, it should be replaced for another maximum protection.

FLEA TICK CONTROL FOR ALL DOG’S SIZES: The length of the collar is 25 inches, it can be easily adjusted to fit small, medium and large size dogs from 8 weeks old. Simply adjust the collar, buckle it in a suitable place and cut off any remaining length.

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED: It is important to us that you have a great experience with Ofhuh dog flea and tick collar. If you feel you are not achieving the level of flea and tick control that was desired, just let us know and we ensure that you are refunded for your purchase with no exception.

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